FREE Check Engine Light Scan

Check engine light on? At MOTEC Auto Care, our experienced mechanics can provide you with a free check engine light scan. For some customers, that’s all they want. Most people will also need a full diagnostic to determine what the problem is. MOTEC Auto Care charges less than the dealer for a diagnosis. We can then advise you on the required repair or suggested maintenance.

We also provide a free diagnostic road test and visual inspection as one of our complimentary services.

Why is my check engine light on?

Modern vehicles are equipped with an internal computer called the Electronic Control Module, or ECM. The ECM serves to alert you when something is wrong with your engine or when it is not running at maximum efficiency. When the check engine light is on, we can use our diagnostic equipment to discover why your vehicle is not running optimally. Once we diagnose the problem, our experts can advise you on the repair, maintenance, or adjustments as necessary.